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Surviving the apocalypse
Survivor Groups

Z-Day will change everything. The pillars of society will collapse along with any forces of central government, law and order. It is important to remember that as you develop your survivor community and start to take the war to the zombies, you will come into increasing contact with other survivor groups. Many will be ‘normal’ bands of survivors, only too willing to join your fight. Others will be far more dangerous.

As your scouts and foragers move further afield from your main settlement, you must ensure they have clear instructions on how to deal with the various groups and individuals they are likely to encounter. Be clear with them that the zombies are not the only threat out there.

A First-Contact Protocol has already been outlined for dealing with minor survivor groups and how to bring them into your community. Group First-Contact Protocols are more in-depth and include a range of responses based on the group you encounter.

Your teams should study the profiles of the groups and individuals they are likely to meet. There are several types of group that should be avoided at all costs unless you have the resources to engage in full conflict with them.

The CITWR Profile

Using a team of post-apocalyptic experts from across the world, the Ministry of Zombies has developed the CITWR system to help your teams recognise and manage the most common groups of the wasteland.

Capability The strength of the group, its numbers, set-up, resource level and military capability.
Intent The level of hostile intent towards either your community or activities in the zombie war.
Threat Level The likelihood that this group will act with malcontent towards your community or the war effort.
Weapons A measure of how dangerous and skilful the group is in terms of its firearms and other weapons such as blades and booby traps.
Response Guidelines on how your forces should manage such a group and advice on any protocols for first contact.
Profile of survivors

A Psychological Profile of Survivors after Day 120. This information was calculated using the FBI’s complex modelling profiling system.

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