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Armed Combat against Zombies

Within weeks of a major zombie outbreak, the walking dead will outnumber the living by thousands to one. Survivors will no doubt become experts with their trusty hand weapons, but they will need some serious firepower if they are to even up the odds.

Studies have shown that survivors do not need access to firearms to survive the walking dead. Preparation, training and a survivor mentality can be enough to get you through. So, guns are not an essential aspect of preparation for the zombie apocalypse, and in any case in most parts of the world their ownership and use is heavily regulated. However, someone ‘tooled’ up and trained will be in a stronger position to fend off the dead.


Always remember that the ownership and use of firearms is controlled by legislation. Zombie survival is about keeping yourself and your fellow survivors alive, not creating hassle for the police. All zombie survivalists must ensure that they adhere to all legal requirements and are fully trained to use the weapons described in this manual. BE LEGAL. BE SAFE. BE TRAINED. And, play nicely out there, kiddies.

A Primer on Zombie Killing with Guns
Range: Short | Weight: Light

Close-range head shots below 10 metres. Ideally, every fighter should be equipped with a handgun. They can be secured safely around the belt.

Rifle/Assault Rifle
Range: Medium | Weight: Medium

Perfect for sweeping small hordes of the dead and mobile firing. Every patrol or foraging team should be equipped with at least one rifle.

Range: Short | Weight: Medium

Ideal for in-building combat or bursts into tightly packed hordes. It is good practice to have a ‘shotgun fighter’ covering your foraging group when inside buildings.

Machine Gun
Range: Medium–Long | Weight: Heavy

Perfect for sweeping advancing hordes and defending survivor settlements from a fixed firing position.

Remember: A zombie survivalist uses the right gun for the right job and a head shot will put a zombie down for good
Don’t shoot yourself

Even if this doesn’t kill you, you’ll be slowed down and the scent of blood will attract hordes of the dead.

Never, ever point guns at humans

Loaded or not, never point a gun at another human being unless you are in combat. For the untrained idiot, there’s more chance that you’ll shoot a fellow survivor as you do your Robert De Niro impressions.

Never fire off all of your ammunition

A full clip can make the gun amateur feel very powerful but on fully automatic it can empty in just a few seconds. Don’t forget to maintain your weapon. No matter which gun you use, all require care and maintenance. Imagine yourself trying to reload your grandad’s antique flintlock musket with the ghouls bearing down on you.

Don’t Be a Poor Shot

It is no exaggeration to say that only an accomplished marksman will be able to get the kind of head shots needed to take down a zombie. Others may be able to hit limbs and slow down the dead, but more often than not inaccurate shooting under very stressful conditions will put them on the menu.

Don’t Become Over-Confident

Firearms have that effect on people. Just remember, no matter how many handguns or rifles you have, the dead only need a small chance to bite or scratch you and it’s game over, man. To paraphrase Darth Vader, do not over-estimate the power of the technology you have created.


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