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Papertrell provides a digital authoring environment to create amazing experiences that work across all devices. From creating simple linear narratives to complex storyboards, our cloud-based app composer offers dozens of drag-and-drop interactive components to bring your content to life.

What makes us unique?


Why settle for a static “Table of contents” when you can use Papertrell’s unique storyboarding section to create dynamic visual navigation structures


Dramitically reduce costs by creating content that automatically scales across multiple devices, screen types and orientations


Free up your content for reuse. Optimize, atomize, add context and meta data  to your books.

Start creating amazing experiences today



Each book has a storyline, structure and purpose. Build your book’s navigation structure with your reader in mind. Explore multiple ways of accessing your content. Dynamically create visual menus based on topic or keywords.

Papertrell’s feature rich storyboarding section automatically translates your book’s table of contents into a visual navigation structure.

  • Dozens of styles and themes

  • Create rapid prototypes

  • Instant preview on device

  • Dynamically apply template changes


Create visually stunning UI that work on all devices, screen sizes and orientations. Save hours of work with our automatic scaling, cropping and responsive native design templates.

Creating exquisitely designed digital books & publications across multiple devices has never been this easy.

  • Manage all your design assets

  • Automatically generate native user experience

  • Instant preview on device

Interactive Components


Drag-and-drop dozens of interactive components, from video galleries, slideshows, quizzes to infographics, bring your content to life.

  • Media Gallery

  • Quiz

  • Forms

  • Checklists

  • Infographics & more

Structured Content

Free your content from silos. Easily add meta data and context and re-purpose your content.

Papertrell’s unique Structured Content approach gives you unmatched flexibility in re-purposing your content . Unlock high-value content within your books making it more accessible. We also offer automated content re-purposing services.

Our Clients

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