How to build a book app in 10 days, recover your investment in 5 days and beat Angry Birds in the process?



Whenever we speak to publishers about apps, the specter of competing with the likes of Angry Birds is a discussion that’s bound to come up. It’s a fact that books today compete with games, movies and other digital distractions, and the thought of competing in this space is not particularly appealing to book publishers. But the turn of events in the last 2 weeks has prompted me to write this post to highlight that you can compete with Angry Birds and actually win, without burning a huge hole in your pocket.

When the Octopus Publishing Group spoke to us about the possibility of converting one of their bestseller diet cookbooks, The 5:2 Diet Cook Book, it was a bestseller on Amazon and getting a lot of attention. Fad or not, the 5:2 fasting diet was catching the imagination of dieters the world over and an app would be a perfect utility to not only refer recipes but also track calories and engage with fellow dieters world over.

The plan was to simultaneously release a feature rich app for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows and Nook app stores in the shortest possible time. The challenge also involved combining content from another book, the Hamlyn Calorie Counter.

We helped Octopus publishing build the app on the Papertrell platform in less than 10 days, including importing the content from legacy formats and also added a smart calorie counter powered by the contents of the Hamlyn Calorie Counter book.

The app went live on 2nd May and it immediately climbed the charts to the #1 position in the UK charts under the food and drink category.



But this was just the beginning; the app is having an amazing run and has now breached the #20 Top Overall rankings in the UK. That’s a fantastic achievement by any standards. So book publishers – listen up – it is possible to compete with Angry Birds without paying through your nose. See here for details.

We would like to congratulate the team at Octopus Publishing on this fantastic achievement. Thank you for choosing Papertrell to do this.

Click here to download the app for your iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows Phone or Nook device.