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John Murray


Like many similar series, the Teach Yourself series has always used a common design for all of its books. Most older titles are covered with a distinctive yellow and blue dust jacket, but over the years the publisher has changed the cover design several times, using an all-blue paperback format during the 1980s, a larger photographic or painted front cover with a black stripe containing the title in the 1990s, and recently adopting a yellow rounded rectangle with a black border as their primary logo in the 21st century. For 2010, the books had a total redesign, and were printed in colour for the first time.

The Teach Yourself books were published from 1938 until 1966 by the English Universities Press. Most titles published during the Second World War were aimed at helping the British nation survive as well as improving knowledge in the subjects that would improve the war effort. The books in the Teach Yourself language series prior to 1973 were published in a hardback format and emphasized the mastery of grammar.

John Murray - Teach Yourself

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