Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever

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Gold Honoree, Benjamin Franklin Digital Book Awards

This enhanced edition of Be the Best Bad Presenter Ever includes 13 exclusive videos that show you how to be a memorable, effective presenter by breaking all the rules. These videos offer a unique learning experience as author Karen Hough walks you through the good, the bad, and the ugly in the world of presentations. Watch as she and her colleagues model how to communicate ideas with care and authenticity, while poking fun at the ridiculous habits that are considered the norm in giving presentations. 

Most of us have received unhelpful advice like this before: cling to the podium, when in doubt use bullet-points, and suppress your nerves before they suppress you. Thankfully, Karen Hough debunks these myths and shows you how to be a presenter who makes a genuine connection with the audience—the type of connection that inspires people to take action.

With 25 minutes of lively and engaging video, this enhanced edition copy will change everything you thought you knew about presentations. Join Karen Hough as she teaches you how to be the best bad presenter you can be, so that what you say will actually make a difference.