Webinar: Direct-to-consumer for independent publishers


Today virtually every publisher, from small indie presses to the big 5, sell direct in some way or the other. But is direct-to-consumer just setting up a “BUY” button on your website? Or is there a wider strategy?

With publishers of all sizes grappling with pressure from retailers and the changing dynamics of reader consumption, the need of the hour is a disruptive business model to change the rules of the game.

Watch this webinar for:

  • Understanding ebooks as software and challenges therein.
  • Why should the publishing world take direct-to-consumer seriously?
  • What exactly is a direct-to-consumer approach?
  • How to identify and fix the biggest challenges in this transformation?
  • What options do indie publishers have?
  • How to get started today! A practical step-by-step approach to take control of your digital future, starting now