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The Bible and Pop Culture

Besides novels, what is another form of literature influenced by the Bible?

Comics. Not only are there manga and other graphic novel versions of the Bible, but some mainstream comics are based on the Bible as well.

In the universe of Marvel Comics, Apocalypse is a powerful mutant bent on winnowing out humanity in order to bring mutants to power. To do this, he recruits other mutants, including some X-Men, who form his self-styled staff, Horsemen of Apocalypse.

Another Marvel Comics character who has origins in the Bible is Doc Samson, who made appearances in some of the Hulk comics. Originally, Samson was Banner’s mild-mannered psychiatrist, but contaminates himself due to exposure to gamma radiation. As a result, he finds that—like Hulk—he waffles between normalcy and mutancy. Like the Samson in the Bible, Doc Samson’s level of strength depends on the length of his (green) hair.

In the universe of DC Comics, Resurrection Man was formed when a hard-hearted scientist, Mitchell Shelley, formulates a technology to heal deadly wounds and enhance a person’s natural abilities. After an accident, Shelley uses the technology on himself. Afterwards, Shelley develops amnesia, so he no longer remembers his former selfishness and ambition. He feels a pull to help people instead. In addition, Shelley has the ability to come back to life. Each time he dies, he comes back with a new superpower. As he searches for answers to his purpose, he is pursued by agents from Heaven and Hell, each of whom has claims on his soul.


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