Old Testament

The Pentateuch

Was the manna and quail more than just a way for the Israelites to fill their bellies?

Yes. The manna and quail were proof of God’s care. The Israelites did not have to do anything for those things to appear. Significantly, the manna and quail came with instructions. Giving the Israelites small, manageable steps, God used the manna and quail as a way to teach the Israelites about the Sabbath. The instructions specified that the Israelites should gather just as much manna as each person needed for the day. They were not to save any for the next day. On the sixth day of the week, they were to gather twice as much as they did for the other days. That way, they could eat the next day without gathering it. The seventh day of the week was a day of rest, a day of Sabbath to the LORD.

Manna was such an important part of the Israelite experience that God commanded the Israelites to save a little of it in a jar to show future generations.


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