Jurassic Period

Saurischian Dinosaurs

What prosauropod fossils have been discovered?

In 1836, not long after the discovery of the first dinosaur fossils (although the term had not yet been coined), one of the earliest fossil prosauropods was found: a Thecodontosaurus; most of the fossil was later destroyed during bombings in World War II (since then, others have been discovered). A fossil Plateosaurus was found in 1834, thought to be the largest of its time and today considered the best-known and most extensively studied of all the prosauropods. Other prosauropod fossils have been discovered over the years, including the Azendohsaurus, Sellosaurus, Saturnalia, and Riojasaurus—all from the Late Triassic period. From the Early Jurassic period, the most common prosauropods were the Massospondylus, Yunannosaurus, and Lufengosaurus.


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