Math in Computing

Modern Computers and Mathematics

What are the more common parts of a computer in use today?

There are many basic parts of today’s computers; the biggest differences between the various types of computers are the amount of memory and speed of the machines. The following lists the common parts of a computer:

Central Processing Unit (CPU) —The CPU is the heart of the computer. It is the component that executes the instructions contained in the computer software; in other words, it tells the entire computer what to do.

Memory—The memory of the computer allows the machine to temporarily (in most cases) store data, programs, and various results from using certain programs (such as remembering the words that are being typed right now).

Mass storage devices—These devices store the “long-term” memory, permanent data, and programs that one needs to retain. It includes the computer’s disk drive.

Input devices—This is just as the words read, devices that allow you to input information into the computer, such as a keyboard, mouse, or other optional input devices such as a scanner.

Output devices—Output devices allow you to see the information processed by the computer, and include the computer screen, a printer, and audio speakers.


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