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What is the difference between a minicomputer and a microcomputer?

The term minicomputer is not used much today. It is considered to be the type of computer built mainly from about 1963 to 1987, and refers to the “mini” mainframe computers that were not large enough to be called mainframes but were large enough to take up the space of a small closet. These computers were once popular in small businesses that could not afford the money or space for a mainframe computer. They were much less powerful than a mainframe and were limited in hardware and software, and they were built using what was called low-integration logic integrated circuits. Eventually, they were overtaken by microcomputers built around the microprocessor.

The microcomputer was a later development in computing. It was developed as a general-purpose computer designed to be operated by one person at a time. The single-chip microcomputer (complete with microprocessor) was, in many respects, a landmark development in computer technology, resulting in the commercialization of the personal computer. This is because computers became smaller and less expensive, and the design made parts easier to replace.


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