Celtic Mythology

The Insular Celts: Ireland and Wales

What is The Book of Invasions?

The Leabhar Gabhála (The Book of Invasions) is to Irish mythology what the Aeneid is to Roman mythology or the Bible to Hebrew mythology. In a series of segments, it relates the “history” of the island that will become Ireland. A number of landings there, beginning with Noah’s granddaughter and ending with the Celtic Milesians, is the mythological story of the founding of a culture and eventually a nation. The monks who compiled the work long after the periods depicted worked from various oral and written sources and colored the events with their own religious perspective, beginning with the biblical story of the creation and an Exodus-like story of the wanderings of the early Gaels, descendants of one of the builders of the Tower of Babel. These Gaels eventually made their way to Iberia (Spain).


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