Budgeting Expenses

Cutting Expenses

After I found through my analysis that my big problem is my discretionary purchases what should I do about it?

Begin to alter some of the things that are contributing to this. If you find yourself spending a lot in some area like entertainment/restaurants, try bringing a lunch every other day, at first, and gradually wean yourself off that expense. If you find that you are spending too much money on a car payment, try seeing if you could sell your car for the amount of what you owe on it, and use some savings to purchase a perfectly good used car for cash instead. You will immediately begin to see that you can accumulate the amount that you used to pay for a car loan in your savings account. Do this for each item, keeping in mind that you want to attack the expenses that are causing the most problems.

The government has been urging consumers to save electricity by purchasing energy-efficient appliances and LED or CFL light bulbs.


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