Surviving Financial Crises

Protecting Your Privacy on the Internet

What else can I do to protect my privacy while online?

Never click on or open up forwarded jokes, poems, and patriotic emails from friends. They are the source of viruses and may direct you to identity theft sites. Never give any credit card information to any site, without first verifying that the site itself is what it claims to be. Check to make sure you are typing the Website properly, as many fake Websites prey upon people who misspell the Website, and make a fake site that looks EXACTLY like the site that you wish to go to. These sites move around frequently, and are difficult to trace, so be careful when you enter a Website name. Never enter a social security number in a site, and never use a social security number or a variant as a password, for any reason. Never open up any spam or even an email, if you do not personally know the sender, no matter how enticing the offer. Delete these emails immediately.


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