William Henry Harrison

Military Career

What was The Prophet’s curse?

Legend has it that Tenskwatawa placed a curse upon Harrison in 1836, saying that Harrison would not win the presidency, or, if he did win the presidency, he would die. The curse was placed upon Harrison by “The Prophet” for the death of his brother Tecumseh at the Battle of the Thames.

Allegedly, the curse was supposed to apply to American leaders every twenty years. As strange it sounds, for many decades, there was a disturbing pattern of American presidents dying every twenty years. Harrison died in 1841 after winning the election of 1840; Lincoln died in 1865, having been elected in 1860; James Garfield died in 1881 from an assassin’s bullet after winning the election of 1880; President William McKinley died in 1901 after winning the election of 1900; President Warren G. Harding died in 1923 after winning the election of 1920; Franklin Roosevelt died in 1945 and he had won the election of 1940; and President John F. Kennedy died in 1963 after winning the election of 1960.


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