Major Movements in Psychology

Jungian Analytical Psychology

What are the personality traits that guide our conscious awareness?

Jung developed a typology of personality traits that has had wide influence on personality psychology. He divided the conscious mind into both functional modes and attitudes toward the world. The functional types refer to ways that people process information. Believing the mind to be composed of opposites in continual tension with each other, he proposed two polarities, thinking vs. feeling and intuition vs. sensation. Each polarity was mutually exclusive from the other one. You could not process the world through feeling and through thinking at the same time. One side of the polarity was always dominant, the other relegated back to the unconscious. Extroversion vs. introversion described the attitude toward the outside world. The extrovert attends primarily to external reality, to other people and objects. The introvert is turned inward, preoccupied with internal, subjective experience.


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