Daoism and Cct

Membership, Community, Diversity

Have there been any other sub-communities or denominations within Daoism?

Dozens of other schools and sects have arisen over the long history of religious Daoism. The Great Purity School (Shang Qing), also known as Mount Mao (Mao Shan) Daoism, arose during the late fourth century. The Shang Qing claims as its central revelation a set of scriptural texts in over thirty volumes. Almost contemporary in origin with that school is another called the Ling Bao. It also claims a distinctive scriptural revelation, based in part on the Shang Qing scripture. Heavenly Mind (Tian Xin) Daoism, emphasizing the importance of exorcism and based also on its own scriptural revelation, began in the late tenth century. The Divine Highest Heaven (Shen Xiao) school, dating from the twelfth century, is best known for its talismans of legendary potency and its elucidation of correspondences between the microcosm of the body and the macrocosm of the universe. Great Oneness (Tai Yi) Daoism, also from the twelfth century, was a celibate monastic school important for its integration of Confucian and Buddhist elements. Though none of these schools remains active today, all have made significant historical contributions to the large and complex reality called Daoism.


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