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What is the Perfect Realization school of Daoism?

Founded by Wang Zhe (c. 1123-70, also called Wang Chong Yang), the Perfect Realization (Chuan Zhen) school is among the most important Daoist monastic orders. According to legend, Wang Zhe received new revelations from one of the Eight Immortals, Lu Dong Bin. Ascetic self-denial was a central feature in the order’s discipline, including meditative practices designed to maximize Yang energy and minimize Yin. The founder evidently insisted on the importance of studying the teachings of Buddhism and Confucianism along with those of Daoism, but focused on the characteristically Daoist spiritual goal of immortality. Of its several branches, the Lung Men (“Dragon Gate”) is perhaps the most influential. Like religious orders in some other major traditions, the Perfect Realization order historically has been socially active and responsible for preserving much traditional Chinese religious culture in times of turmoil. For example, they have done extensive refugee relief work and published a major edition of the Daoist scriptural canon in 1192. From the White Cloud monastery in Beijing, the Lung Men branch of the order continues its work today.


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