Minerals, Metals, and Other Materials

Man-Made Products

What are man-made fibers?

Man-made fibers are totally made by chemical means or may be fibers of regenerated cellulose. According to U.S. law, the fibers must be labeled in accordance with generic groups as follows:

Man-made Fiber Derived From
Acetate Cellulose acetate
Acrylic Acrylic resins
Metallic Any type of fabric made with metallic yarns. Made by twisting
thin metal foil around cotton, silk, linen, or rayon yarn
Modacrylic Acrylic resins
Nylon Synthetic polyamides extracted from coal and petroleum
Rayon Trees, cotton, and woody plants
Saran Vinylidene chloride
Spandex Polyurethane
Triacetate Regenerated cellulose
Vinyl Polyvinyl chloride


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