Physics and Chemistry

Light, Sound, and Other Waves

What is the sound frequency of the musical scale?

Note Frequency (Hz)
C 261.63
C# 277.18
D 293.67
D# 311.13
E 329.63
F 349.23
F# 369.99
G 392.00
G# 415.31
A 440.00
A# 466.16
B 493.88
Cn 523.25

Notes: ♯ indicates flat; ♭ indicates sharp; n indicates return to natural; Hz is Hertz.

The lowest frequency distinguishable as a note is about 20 hertz. The highest audible frequency is about 20,000 hertz. A hertz (Hz) is a unit of frequency that measures the number of the wave cycles per second frequency of a periodic phenomenon whose periodic time is one second (cycles per second).


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