Modern Meterology

Careers in Meteorology

What are the different specialties within or related to meteorology?

Meteorology isn’t limited to weather prediction. There are numerous related areas that can combine weather with everything from engineering, forensics, and computer science to television media, storm chasing, and commodities trading. Here is a list of specialty fields that might be of interest to you.

  • Acid precipitation researcher

  • Agricultural forecaster

  • Air quality forecaster

  • Air quality modeler

  • Air traffic control assistant

  • Atmospheric chemist

  • Atmospheric optics researcher

  • Aviation forecaster

  • Bioclimatologist

  • Broadcaster

  • Climatologist

  • Commodities trader

  • Computer visualization specialist

  • Data communications engineer

  • Educator

  • Emergency planner

  • Fire weather forecaster

  • Flood forecaster

  • Forensic specialist

  • Hurricane researcher

  • Hydrological engineer

  • Instrument designer

  • Lightning researcher

  • National laboratory researcher

  • Numerical forecasting modeler

  • Operational forecaster

  • Paleoclimatologist

  • Radar meteorologist

  • Radio propagation researcher

  • Remote sensing specialist

  • Satellite meteorologist

  • Severe storm forecaster

  • Storm chaser

  • Weather consultant

A scientist works in a National Severe Storms Laboratory mobile unit, processing computer data. (NOAA Photo Library, NOAA Central Library; OAR/ER/National Severe Storms Laboratory)

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