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From discovering why every map is distorted to why Rhode Island is called an island even though it's not, this comprehensive reference simplifies geography in an approachable question-and-answer format. All aspects of the discipline are covered, including physical, economic, political, and cultural geography.

Questions answered include
Who carved Mount Rushmore?
What is the average life expectancy in Japan? and
What were the seven wonders of the ancient world?

Ideal for students and teachers, this resource is for all those curious about our world.

Paul A. Tucci & Mathew T. Rosenberg
Paul A. Tucci is the chief operating officer and a partner at iwerk, inc., an innovative software developer and IT services corporation. Throughout his business career he has traveled to more than half of the countries in the world. He is the author of Traveling Everywhere: How to Survive a Global Business Trip. He lives in Birmingham, Michigan.



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