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ABA and Hummingbird Digital Media use Papertrell platform to power Ebook sales

October 25, 2018
The American Booksellers Association and e-book provider Hummingbird Digital Media have partnered to enable independent bookstore to finally start selling e-books! The storefront of over 600k ebooks and audiobooks and the technology stack for this exciting initiative is powered by...

Haynes Zombie Survival App goes live!

November 3, 2016
In 2010 we launched the SAS Survival Guide app. Exactly 6 years later, it was time for a new app….the Haynes Zombie Survival App. Now what are the odds that both these would be #1 and #2 top selling titles on Amazon!...

The Bookseller selects Papertrell as the ‘Startup of the week’

September 16, 2016
It’s been an exciting week for us at Papertrell. A new update has just gone live with a whole lot of new features, a cleaner faster ecommerce storefront and we are closing in on 2 million readers. This was topped...

The Ella’s Kitchen app wins the FutureBook award!

December 7, 2015
Continuing it’s spectacular performance, the Ella’s Kitchen iPad app won the coveted FutureBook award for Best Reference App held at the end of The FutureBook Conference (4th December, 2015). FutureBook Awards 2015 Congrats to the team at Papertrell and our...

Webinar: Direct-to-consumer for independent publishers

June 16, 2015
Today virtually every publisher, from small indie presses to the big 5, sell direct in some way or the other. But is direct-to-consumer just setting up a “BUY” button on your website? Or is there a wider strategy? With publishers of...

Octopus Publishing Group and Papertrell launch the Ella’s Kitchen – “First Foods” App and it rockets to the Top of the charts on the Apple iTunes Store

May 15, 2015
Say hello to the First Foods app! 130+ yummy recipes and much, much more from Ella’s Kitchen, the fastest growing baby food brand. 130+ yummy recipes, lots + lots of fun interactive tools like weekly meal planner, emailable shopping lists and in-built cooking timers to...

The Papertrell website just got a shiny new coat of paint !

April 24, 2015
We’ve worked long and hard over the past couple of months to put together a fresh new look to the Papertrell website. Our new site better communicates our story, our vision and the range of solutions that we have to...

Two honours back to back! Finalist at Frankfurt Book Fair 2014 and Tech30 at TechSparks 2014

October 20, 2014
It has been an exciting couple of weeks at Papertrell. We were selected as one of the 5 finalists at the Digital Publishing Ideas Contest organized by Frankfurt Book Fair and Goethe-Unibator, the Center for Entrepreneurship at the Goethe University...

We’re finalists at the Digital Publishing Ideas Contest organized by Frankfurt Book Fair

October 7, 2014
We’re finalists at the Digital Publishing Ideas Contest organized by Frankfurt Book Fair abenty: If you happen to be attending the Frankfurt Book Fair 2014, then make sure you’re at Hall 4C – Alliance at 3.25 pm to watch our co-founder...

Guest Post: Crowdfunding: The Newest Tool for Self-Publishing

March 17, 2014
Self-publishing provides writers with an alternative to the institutionalized world of traditional publishing and affords them with more creative control over their work. Seems like a win-win, but as with everything, there’s a downside. Writers who choose to self-publish—and the...